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When I first started my practice I was lost. I had no idea where to start or all the moving pieces that were involved.  I needed a mentor that was further along to guide me, and the tools to expedite my learning. 

That’s what you get with The Private Practice Blueprint.

I’m going to teach you my exact blueprint for growing a successful private practice that is all about quality and not quantity.

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    I honestly am not sure if my practice would be where it is today if it was not for Jan’s overall help and knowledge, motivation, and how confident she made me feel. She showed me how to find that confidence within myself.
    M.ED., LPC

    Whether you’re thinking about starting your private practice or you’ve been your own boss for a while this was designed for you.

    I know what it’s like to feel underpaid and undervalued working for agencies with a ridiculous caseload and in the school system where I had LAYERS of bosses. 

    If  you’re already in private practice I know you’re tired of dealing with insurances, billing, unpaid services, no shows, finding clients that you love to work with, and want some balance back in your life (because entrepreneurship is not easy).   I’m here to let you know it’s time to create some massive change.

    Back to back sessions and burn out are over!

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      Jan gave me the push I needed to set boundaries with my clients, learn to value my time and services, increase my prices, and grow my business. I am now less stressed and making more money than ever.
      Jennifer Waldsmith
      CEO, Web Designer

      It’s been over 10 years since I built my practice from scratch (with NO help) in New Jersey and then all over again 3 years ago when my family and I relocated back to my home state in Florida.

      One of the things I never quite understood was how all of the ivy league clinical training I received when earning my degree at NYU NEVER included how to be my very own boss.

      I’m happy to say that it’s not easy, but it’s 100% possible, and I’m going to show you exactly how by sharing what I’ve learned over 10 years as an entrepreneur in private practice.


      Start creating the private practice and life you dream of. 

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        Meet your Host, Jan

        Jan is a Latina entrepreneur, Ivy-league educated, licensed therapist, and business mindset coach for entrepreneurs.  She’s a Miami native and first generation Cuban-American determined to shake up the world.  She’s been referred to as a “force of nature” who is a “non-stop go-getter” devoted to supporting entrepreneurs grow successful businesses with clarity, confidence and laser focused energy by providing the resources, tools, innovative strategy & relentless energy to create results.  

        I created this program based on 18 years worth of working with other women that needed to take action in their lives + my own personal entrepreneurship journey.  I’ve helped so many women start their businesses and now it’s your turn!