Hi there! If you’re an amazing passionate & driven 
woman like me, 
you know that

You probably have

A loving partner
you are deeply
committed to
(and who loves you!).

A successful career
that you excel at
and really enjoy
(even if it’s unpaid!).

Adorable kids
Who make you laugh
and cry and be filled
with joy everyday.

(and if you don’t…
you may want some of these things in your life!)

And yet sometimes you feel

from running around
and taking care of
everyone and
everything else.

from giving, giving,
giving and are
wondering “What
happened to ME?”

from the same-ness of
your everyday life
– and are desiring
something more.

When you take the time out to breathe
and learn to love yourself
like you’ve never done before,
you can feel…

and can handle all
that life has in store
for you – with grace,
ease and joy.

on your big picture
so you know what you
want and how to
achieve it.

about nurturing
yourself and
your dreams
(because YOU matter!)

That’s why I’ve created the
Self-Love Coaching Package.

Personalized coaching to support you in returning to YOU.

Coaching with me provides a safe space
for you to blossom and grow
and find the beauty of your life that you may not yet see.  

I’m here as your

You are worthy and amazing and I’m here to remind you of that when you forget.

This work isn’t easy
or for the faint of heart.
I’m right here by your side
to help you through it.
Inspirational Guide
Life is tough. And so
are you. I’m here to
help you take a stand
for yourself and
love yourself like
never before!

This is for you if:

You are ready to make a change in your life.

You are passionate, motivated & hard-working.

You may be afraid or uncomfortable with change, but you are willing to take the risk to change patterns in order to achieve success.

You are seeking guidance in taking the right path.

You need someone in your corner cheering you on.

You are craving a better way to “sift through “all the noise.”

You want some help to sort through your dreams & plan for your future.

This is not for you if:

You are looking for a quick fix. (My magic wand is in the shop.)

You want change to happen without implementing changes in your life.

You are not committed to the process (because real change is progress not perfection).

You blame everyone else for where you are in your life.

You are expecting others to change.

You are not open to hearing advice without taking it personally.

You have a defeatist attitude & have “tried everything already.”

If you are ready to dive in and do the work,
I’m here for you.

I only work with a handful of individuals at a time, in order to hold space for them and honor their process of growth.  Individuals I feel I can truly impact & support in their journey of transformation. If I believe you are one of those individuals, I will email you to schedule a time for us to connect so I can learn more about you.  

Once we speak, I will share the details of how I work with my clients and then, we will decide if working together is a good fit for the both of us.