Passion to Purpose
Mastermind for Entrepreneurs

Passion to Purpose Mastermind for Entrepreneurs is an 8 week interactive online program that teaches you how to grow a successful business with clarity, confidence, strategy and laser focused energy for maximum visibility.

Are you ready
to stop playing small 
and scale your business?

Whether you’re thinking about starting your business (or private practice) or you’ve been your own boss for a while, this was designed for you. 

Entrepreneurship is powerful and life changing, but without the right tools, resources, or support, the process can be overwhelming.

Passion to Purpose Mastermind will save you years of expensive trial and error, and accelerate your success. 

I honestly am not sure if my practice would be where it is today if it was not for Jan’s overall help and knowledge, motivation, and how confident she made me feel. She showed me how to find that confidence within myself.

This program provides you with my exact blueprint for success, with guidance, structure, a boatload of resources, cheat sheets and swipe copy.

You’ll learn from my original mistakes and learning curve (to assure you don’t repeat them), have access to my resource vault for go-to favorite resources, and the full behind the scenes VIP look at my business – no holding back (because that’s just not my style). (wink)

I’m a researcher, (exceptionally picky), always want the best, and I’m sharing the best of the best with you.

Whether you want to scale your existing business, or you’re starting from scratch, Passion to Purpose will help you:

And my mission is for you to do it all with excitement and passion while honoring your values.

By the end of this program,

you will have:

Jan gave me the push I needed to set boundaries with my clients, learn to value my time and services, increase my prices, and grow my business. I am now less stressed and making more money than ever.
Jennifer Waldsmith
CEO, Web Designer

This mastermind is for motivated entrepreneurs that want to turn their passion into purpose, and change the world. This program is in-depth and hardcore.

Running a business requires vision, motivation, relentless energy, resilience, courage and passion.  

Most of all, it requires dedication and perseverance for the long haul (because this isn’t a short term dream my friend).

My main goal is to train you to think outside the box, make laser sharp strategic decisions like the entrepreneur  you’re meant to be — so you have the skills and ability to continue to grow, way beyond this Mastermind.

I only open this special mastermind 1 time a year and it’s the most powerful 8 weeks of connecting & working on your business together. 

When I first started my business I needed structure, resources, a mentor that was further along to guide me, and the tools to expedite my learning. 

I created this program based on all my experience building my practice 10 years ago from scratch (with zero guidance) and then all over again 3 years ago when I relocated back home to Florida.


My exact blueprint for creating a successful  business.

8 weeks of modules that include Step by step business strategic audio recordings that kick-start you on your journey to growing a successful business (and life) you love, alongside step-by-step action oriented cheat sheets to guide you through the process of setting up your business from nuts to bolts.

Week 1: The Foundation

We’ll start with the basics you need, to create a solid foundation for success and growth in your business.  This includes a detailed – in depth checklist to ensure you have all you need to get started.  Including the different business structure options, so you make an informed decision based on what works best for you.

P.S.  For my more established entrepreneurs… If you feel like you already have all the foundation you need or you’ve gone through this process before, I challenge you to take a few minutes and consider that maybe there are some missing pieces or some cracks in your foundation that you haven’t thought about yet that may make all the difference in the world to shift your business and sky-rocket your success.

Week 2: Strategy

Defining your ideal customer avatar (aka ICA) & why it’s so important.  Most importantly, you’ll be creating your own personal ICA for your business, so you attract the exact customer you crave to work with.  I will help you fine-tune your ICA, and assure you are crystal clear on who you’re serving (a process that took me YEARS).

P.S.  For my more established entrepreneurs… who have heard of this, and even gone through other programs (like I have)…I challenge you to allow yourself the opportunity to go through this process with ME.  I provide a new lens to look through this and it took me years to crack the code for myself.  It took me several programs, thousands of dollars (no joke) and I have some personal insider tips to go deeper than you’ve ever gone before.  As a trained and licensed therapist I’ve tapped into the mind of thousands, and I’m going to help you do the same.

In fact, here is a recent snippet someone shared who was a classmate of mine in one of the aforementioned famous programs, who had already gone through the process of going through her ICA… “You’re [worksheets] are amazing!”

Week 3: Specialty

Identifying your specific niche, nailing it down, and why that’s vital for success in finding your ICA. I will also map out and show you EXACTLY how to stand apart from the sea of competition that makes you feel anxious.

Week 4: Expertise

Professionalism Personified. We are going to walk you through what it means not only to be a professional, but how to maximize your professionalism on several levels for maximum visibility. 

Week 5: Branding

All about branding.  We’ll be exploring and creating the brand for your business… YOU, and all that branding entails – like a pro.

Week 6: Imposter Syndrome

Mindset plays a huge part in the success of any business.  Address your feelings of limitations and focus on your strengths.  I will teach you how to build your confidence and focus on your unique gifts.  From what to charge (no more free consultations) to how to find balance between your business, while still having a life and not burning out.

Week 7: Blueprint

We’ll be planning, organizing and creating a strategic plan for executing your business and plan for future growth.  This week is full of resources and concrete tools so you take the guesswork out of exactly what you need, from where to order supplies to what billing and scheduling software is most effective. 

Week 8: Launching!

This week we’ll be putting all the steps together and launch YOUR BUSINESS, with support, guidance & rapid energy for maximum visibility.  Most importantly, you won’t be doing it alone, because I will be with you unlocking the codes, and guiding you through the moments you feel stuck, insecure, scattered, and frustrated! 

In addition to all this amazing content, you’ll also be receiving...

Behind the Scenes VIP Access.  The beauty about this course is that you not only get an in-depth blueprint to create a solid foundation in your business, you’ll also get the complete behind the scenes look at everything I have learned over 10 years as an entrepreneur so you learn my exact recipe for success.  Why reinvent the wheel when I have a proven recipe?

Resource Vault. I’ll be sharing what I personally use in my business, the tools I’ve tried & why I love them or don’t like them, my favorite people to work with, and SO MANY free & valuable resources all in one place (including links, free options when you’re on a budget, swipe copy, templates, and special offers).

Private Facebook Community Meet & interact with other entrepreneurs from all around the world trying to do the same thing – create their own businesses and become their own boss – as a bonus I pop in from time to time to offer additional support.  (Priceless!) 

Four Live Q & A Mentor Calls We connect deeply for live group coaching calls to walk you through the program, answer real time questions, share “aha moments”, wins, and personal examples. ($1,000 value)


Upgrade to add a one on one private coaching call with me to get the personalized support you crave.

Our Time Together Includes:


You’ll get on the spot coaching to answer specific questions about your personal path (along with the opportunity to hear other entrepreneurs get coached around their own paths) – this is a favorite.


From scientifically proven tips on how to follow through and keep your goals and habits strong, to crucial information about the way your brain works in relation to your emotions.


I’ll share my personal stories, struggles, successes on everything from leaving the 9-5, freelancing, starting my own business, working as a mom, wife, and friend… and my “Top Pieces of Advice.”

What's the Investment

The investment for Passion to Purpose Mastermind is $1,299. 

We also offer a payment plan

(10 monthly payments of $149)

She is completely relatable but also challenges me to be who I am. I never realized how much I hide myself to turn into a chameleon & avoid a tough decision or an awkward conversation. I would highly recommend Jan. I am still a client, and now I feel empowered to be a better me!
Recovering Perfectionist
Naples, Florida

Maybe, you’re the exception,
and believe you have all the resources, knowledge and time to start your business on your own.

Why not take the guesswork out of it 

and get results RIGHT AWAY?

Get Ready to Grow the Business of Your Dreams

Trust your intuition.  You didn’t come across this Mastermind by chance, and if you’re still reading this, that means you know you NEED this.

It’s time to stop guessing & take action.

I know….

You’re full of doubt and uncertainty about taking the leap and making this investment.  And oh, the heaviness of the guilt you’ll feel after paying.  After all you’ve already invested so much in your business and education to get to this pivotal point.  

I’ve already spent so much money…

Am I right?

So, I wanted to address these concerns, 

and nip them in the bud right now.


My friend, you can’t afford not to invest in this Mastermind.  This will be the difference between countless amounts of time, mistakes, heartache, free consultations, unpaid sessions, and learning by making huge mistakes, as you go.  Why would you do that when I’ve paved the way?!

This program is a limited time, exclusive opportunity. I’m not sure that I’ll offer this Mastermind in the future and I can promise you with the value packed in here, you won’t be able to access it at this price again. 

You don’t want to regret missing out on this opportunity. Why wait when you can get started laying the groundwork now? You’ll know exactly what it takes to grow a successful business and when you are ready,  you’ll have all the tools you’ll need to grow a successful business and be ahead of the competition.

You won’t, because you’re committing to yourself right now to choose success. The beauty with this structure is that you’ll always have access to the content and that the Q & A live portions will be recorded.

You absolutely can.  The reason I structured the payment plan was to assure that  anyone can afford to participate. 

Click on the buy now button above! Why wait to grow your business? 


Once you submit your payment, you’ll receive a welcome email with detailed instructions and the complete course schedule.  

You’ll also receive details via email for the live Q & A portions.

The program is scheduled to go LIVE on October 1st!   (Trust me, don’t regret it, if you’re thinking about it, trust your gut.)

I’m all about quality over quantity and I practice what I preach.  In order to provide quality interaction, and hold space for each and everyone in the mastermind & the group Q & A live calls, I’m limiting the number of participants.  Once that is met, the doors will be closed, so if you want success now, don’t wait to enroll or you may just miss out on this amazing opportunity.

That is a completely understandable concern. The Q & A sessions will be recorded so you can always refer back to hear any information that will be helpful to you. 

Absolutely!  Most participants want to dive deeper while they’re on this journey. Please make sure to request your one-on-one coaching time as soon as possible, as my schedule books out 2-3 months in advance.

100% ! I work with many individuals that also decide they’re not willing to leave their current position for various reasons. The goal of Passion to Purpose is to give everyone the tools and support to create a plan, and process for more confidence and happiness no matter where that is.

Great question! The Passion to Purpose course is a self-paced course for those who want to get started right away & work independently.

The Mastermind takes things to a whole new level with live group calls, a community of other women, coaching with me and more! 

Also, due to COVID-19 I am offering a special rate that is exclusive for Mastermind 2020.  The price for future Masterminds will be $1,999. 

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of the materials provided, access to all of the resources, discounts, promotions, live Q & A sessions, there will be no refunds. If you have any questions or concerns prior to joining, please email

If there are ANY questions or concerns that are still not answered above, I’d be more than happy to answer ANY you may have.  Feel free to email me at

I want you to feel comfortable, confident & secure in your decision to go on this adventure with me.  If you’re not ready…THAT IS 100% ok.  Be true to yourself & maybe you’ll be ready to join us next year. 


Jan Marie

Jan has provided… the ability to independently solve problems by not handing out solutions, but by TEACHING how to approach each situation that we may encounter while giving the tools necessary to do so. We have learned through our time with Jan new ways of thinking, the importance of being honest with ourselves, how to manage our emotions and, most importantly, how to effectively communicate; all of which is possible because she encourages and facilitates ways of practicing the new skills, and embracing new habits while using them in our everyday life. With much gratitude.
Naples, Florida

Meet your Host, Jan

Jan is a Latina entrepreneur, Ivy-league educated, licensed therapist, and business mindset coach for entrepreneurs.  She’s a Miami native and first generation Cuban-American determined to shake up the world.  She’s been referred to as a “force of nature” who is a “non-stop go-getter” devoted to supporting entrepreneurs grow successful businesses with clarity, confidence and laser focused energy by providing the resources, tools, innovative strategy & relentless energy to create results.  

I created this program based on 18 years worth of working with other women that needed to take action in their lives + my own personal entrepreneurship journey.  I’ve helped so many women start their businesses and now it’s your turn!