Start an Oil Business

I am soooo excited you’re here & that you’re ready to build a business & create a life you LOVE!

dōTERRA’s compensation plan is the BEST out there! It works in the opposite direction of a traditional network marketing model, making it an amazing tool to build LONG term, RESIDUAL income!  It is founded on the premise that the whole company, your team, its members have to do well & live well in order for the entire company to grow & benefit! Once you are one of their high earning leaders you earn a bonus which is a percentage of the sales of the ENTIRE company !!!! (I know I couldn’t believe it either).

I’ll be honest…I wasn’t comfortable (at all) with the concept of a multi-level marketing business.  I did a lot of research & educated myself in learning that multi-level marketing is not the big bad wolf “ pyramid scheme” everyone associates with this type of sales company.  Pyramid schemes are illegal & function when people give money for nothing in return.

At dōTERRA we are selling good, wholesome, effective, natural & safe plant based “gifts of the earth” to help others and our planet.

While doing more research on dōTERRA specifically, I truly fell in love with their mission, purpose, cause, & transparency. I was impressed & I am not easily impressed.

When I combined my mission in life of empowering & educating women on self-care & self-love & in finding a healthier lifestyle for myself & my family I fell in L O V E  with dōTERRA. As an entrepreneur (and mom) this was a natural extension of helping others, making change in the world & reaching millions.  It just felt so aligned & perfect. I truly feel that God placed this opportunity in my lap. SO…here WE are together!

My goal is to educate & empower women & their families all around the world, not just in the U.S….Will you be joining me?

DōTERRA is moving mountains, changing the way the world does business & truly making a change one person & community at a time.  They are paying their farmers above fair wage, building schools in communities, & have started planning for building clinics that provide a comprehensive, complimentary, and proactive health care so more individuals use natural solutions whenever possible.

Oils & Medicine in one place…can you imagine the possibilities?

Work With Me

Become an advocate & share oils with the world while creating a career & life you love.

🔹 Make lasting & impactful change in the world.

🔹 Mentorship from me in growing a business you love.

Why Me, You Ask?

I have over 18 years experience in the mental health field. My degree and clinical experience in the field are from the prestigious Ivy League University in New York City,  NYU. My experience as an entrepreneur in building my own practice & businesses (yes, I run more than one!) because that’s the type of energy and commitment I bring to the table.  I have the tools, experience, energy, training & the heart. I have done this over and over again. I know what it takes and I would love to share with you what it takes & support you on this amazing journey.

My Strength, You Ask?

I am a lifelong learner who is compassionate & resourceful.  My passion is empowering women just like you to create & live a life you love.  

🔹 Gain financial freedom–Get rewarded, compensated & be valued for your hard work.  (I don’t know about you but that NEVER happened when I worked for someone else.)

🔹 Gain location freedom – with your business you can work from A N Y W H E R E !

🔹 Be your own boss – PRICELESS!!!

🔹 Create a LEGACY for your family!

What would YOU do if you have an extra $100, $1,000 or even $10,000 – $100,000 a month?

My “Whys” in Life & in this Business

✔ I love that moms are the heart of this company as a consumer and as the main builders!

✔ I want to reach, educate, & empower other women & their families.  

✔ I want these women & these oils to be a blessing to other families.

✔ I want to travel with my babies now, without having to worry about how much money we will lose by stepping “away” from my business.  

✔ I want to be able to be financially free. Debt free. Mortgage free. “I didn’t even realize it was payday” financially free.

✔ I want to help others like you become financially free or at least financially stable with a product that brings health and wellness to you & your customers too!

✔ Work from home, & still be the mom you want to be for your family.


✔ Are Self motivated

✔ Have an unstoppable reason “Your WHY”

✔ Love being creative, innovative and forward-thinking

✔ Are willing to build your own team

✔ Enjoy genuinely connecting with people and sharing your love of oils

✔ Are prepared to do what it takes to succeed & follow through

✔ Devote time & energy into your business each week

I want to inspire moms to start feeling good & dreaming again.


Time for someone doing the business who really wants to grow steadily would look something like this:

1-2 hours a week talking about products you love & believe in with friends, family, colleagues, giving them samples, following up & meeting new people.  

30 minute “training” videos (I find them empowering & motivational) that can be done in your PJ’s while doing dishes, folding laundry, or driving (because this is our reality).  I binge “watch” while doing my chores.

2 hours a week sharing/educating about oils (AKA an “Oils Class”) (2 classes a week if you want to grow REALLY fast!)- BUT you design your style & your preference.  Maybe it’s online, maybe it’s during a play date. I personally call them parties & end up doing a DIY which is less formal & so much fun!!!

Once you’re in a leadership role (silver rank and above) you’ll have an additional hour of strategy calls with your team leaders (your business partners, most likely your best friends. (approx. 20 minutes each)

That totals about 5-6 hours a week for an average builder. If you want to build faster expect more time commitment.

Platinum leaders in DōTERRA spend approximately 5-10 hours a week.  I know a presidential diamond who I love that spends less than 16 hours a week…that is less time than a part time job!!! & she happens to make a little over 2,000,000 a year (no all those 0’s are not a typo)!

Start Up Cost to start a dōTERRA business

In DōTERRA you do not have to keep a huge inventory (you’ll want a variety of oils to use, sample out and share at classes but reality is you don’t need an inventory at all).

Your customers will be sent their products directly from DōTERRA and you don’t have to be the middle woman in the process!

🔹 You can enroll for as little as $35, however, please keep in mind if you chose to take this route, you won’t have any oils to use, sample or have on hand for a class.

Please click HERE to review the enrollment kit options I suggest.

If you want a “fast start bonus” the kits below offer that as a bonus.

🔹 The most popular kit & my personal favorite is the NATURAL SOLUTIONS ENROLLMENT KIT which has a GREAT selection of DōTERRA’s most popular products.

🔹 Healthy Start Enrollment Kit is amazing and allows you to try out all of dōTERRA’s top 10 oils so you can learn about oils & the quality of DōTERRA specifically.  

🔹 Healthy Home Enrollment Kit is the perfect kit for your family’s basic health and hygiene around the home.

🔹The SIMPLE SOLUTIONS KIT is the simplest way for everyone to enjoy the benefits of a few of dōTERRA’s favorite Essential oils, blends and personal care products.

🔹 Keep in mind that the bigger kits, while more expensive, offer the greatest savings and allow to start off with a product credit and a higher percentage back in free product when ordering.

Monthly Expense of Running Your dōTERRA business

🔹 100 PV “Points Value” order placed by you is required to get paid by doTERRA (PV is usually same as $) every month.  It is so easy to do & surpass once you are using the oils & products yourself!

🔹 150 PV “Points Value” order is respectfully requested of you as a builder to assure YOU & YOUR team unlock extra bonuses each month.  You will want to set the tone for your business associates as well. ( I am happy to explain the “Power of 3 Bonus” which can range from $50, $250 to $1,500 bonus).

Join my team and start your own story!

Please let me know as soon as you’ve enrolled and I will go ahead and get you added to all of our training pages! I look forward to getting to know you better!