Our Cruise and Glow Retreat is SOLD OUT this year. Use the form above to be notified when next year’s retreat registration is open. In the meantime, check out what we had planned for this year:

October 25, 2019 – November 2, 2019

Get ready for the time of your life.

Jan Marie has designed this retreat experience to elevate your senses and your life in the form of the most ideal vacation focused on rest, relaxation and indulgence, and she wrapped it up with a lot of love just for you.

Your Perfect Getaway awaits you…

Our Trip

Day 1: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

You arrive at the luxurious Celebrity Equinox, where you will receive a white glove check in, glass of champagne, and be welcomed to your luxurious cabin-your new home at sea for the week. You will get settled, and if you would like, tour the ship and the spa.

You may not be able to resist the urge to gather as we say “Bon Voyage” and set sail on to new horizons.

The evening is to do with what you wish. Dance all night, or grab some fresh Caribbean air underneath the stars on deck. This is your moment, make it yours.

Day 2: Day at Sea

You wake up to the Caribbean sun, open sea and crisp ocean air.

We meet for breakfast together at the exclusive and elegant Blu restaurant.

After nourishing our bodies and building connections, we begin our soul digging work. I will push you past insecurities, challenge you to dig deep, and begin to help you dismantle the things in your life that do not serve you.

This day was made with intention but with room to provide you space and healing too.

You will also have time and space to take a swim, lay in a hammock, tour the spa, or bond with others.

We finalize this special day with a special experience….
Day 3: San Juan, Puerto Rico

You wake up feeling motivated and excited for a new day and a new life. You already know and feel so connected to the other women. Adventure awaits you in “La Isla del encanto”-The Island of Enchantment. What a beautiful place to begin this journey.
Day 4: St. Maarten

You woke up this morning feeling rested and refreshed. For the first time, since you can remember you feel truly seen, valuable, loved & worthy. You have continued to connect with others, but most importantly you have reconnected with yourself.

Day 5: St. Thomas, BVI

Was that a dream?! You have an amazing life altering revelation. You start to realize that you are somehow settling in your life and not being true to yourself. You realize that you do not have to settle anymore, you are worthy of being loved and more importantly, you are worthy of loving yourself! You are remembering who you are, and are starting to feel more like that carefree version of yourself, the one you somehow lost along the way.

Day 6: Tortola

You hop out of bed excited for the day to start. Suddenly, you feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude, peace and hope in your life…YOU are back and you feel whole! You know that you will forever be changed by this retreat experience. Everyone in your life (who is worthy of being a part of your life) will feel this renewed sense of passion & motivation. They will also benefit from this transformation and be so very grateful that you went on this journey.

Day 7: Day At Sea

We have been indulging in living life all week. Now it is time to plan on how we will maintain this feeling of luxury, travel, self care, and loving yourself after this life altering retreat comes to an end. Vacations are beautiful, a day at the spa is luxurious, but most people step out of these environments and return to their lives unchanged.
Together we will explore how to maintain this feeling of bliss. 

 I will help you create an actionable plan, based on your needs, your reality, your family, & your life. There is no cookie cutter plan for this life, it is yours to live and yours to love.

Day 8: Bahamas

Yes…there is more. Always, so much more! One last hurrah. What would a vacation retreat be, if I left you with all work and no play?!

Day 9: Arrive in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

You will return to Florida renewed, refreshed, relaxed & ready to take on the world. You are prepared and committed to live your life with intention, mindfulness and with a renewed sense of purpose.

Your Retreat Experience Includes

8 nights accommodation.

All meals & snacks while onboard.

Group sessions while at sea: Rediscover your “inner glow.” Time to dig into our lives & relationships explore and discuss some of our big roadblocks and finally move forward. This time will be about reflection, introspection, and then some guided direction.

Your self-care plan : Through reflection & guided exercises, you will create a concrete & clear plan to keep you focused on honoring yourself and live your life with intention. When you create a life full of intentional choices, honoring yourself, and loving yourself, you will also start to demand the same of those you now consciously choose to surround yourself with.

As soon as you confirm your reservation you will receive an invitation to join a Private Facebook Community curated specifically for the guests of this specific retreat. This will allow you to begin establishing a sense of community & support before you even arrive.* (This Facebook group is Limited to the time prior to the retreat).

All you have to do is arrive.

Everything is taken care of.

My mission is to help you feel pampered, nurtured and cared for the entire time!

Allow ME to take care of you in the same way you relentlessly take care of everyone else.

Your Investment

Cruise Only (without retreat participation-directly with Celebrity Cruises) starting at 



(That is roughly $130/day for all of your meals, your accommodations, 

traveling through beautiful islands, & honoring yourself).


*Retreat pricing varies upon availability, your cabin selection and any additional upgrades you desire.

Deposit is just


to guarantee your reservation.

I am so confident that you will have an amazing experience that I AM making the retreat portion 100% refundable. (Unfortunately, the cruise has their own individual policies.)

Glow Retreat Participant

Participation in the Glow Retreat is an additional 

$299 to your cruise accommodations.


GLOW Retreat includes 

Two full days during our “Days at Sea” 

so we do not interrupt the opportunity to enjoy the rest 

and relaxation of these beautiful islands.

*If you are interested in attending, but have no one to share your cabin with, and are open to sharing a room with another participant to enhance your experience & reduce your overall cost just let us know & I we will connect you.

GLOW Retreat VIP

VIP status includes the following bonuses:

*Exclusive VIP only cocktail party

*One on One time with Jan Marie

*Personalized plan curated directly with Jan Marie designed to get you the results you want in your life right now.

*Lifetime membership to a Private Facebook Community after November 2nd to assist you in maintaining your progress & community with other past GLOW Retreat participants.

*20% off GLOW Self-Care Course.

*Early access to future events & experiences.

Investment: $599

Value: Priceless

*VIP list is limited to 20 guests*

1 payment of $599
4 payments $175

(VIP final payment due by October 1st)



Want to dig deeper?


Schedule your one-on-one experience with Jan Marie.


Jan Marie will be available for one-on-one personalized sessions should you wish to dig deeper on your journey and create a more detailed plan for change.

This is the only opportunity all year to have
one-on-one time to work with Jan Marie.

It is time to do some serious soul searching & guided reflection. During your one-on-one time with Jan Marie you will construct a more detailed plan to focus on the emotional, physical, and intellectual shifts you need to make in your life to create change & maintain this new beautiful life. You will make some promises to yourself and develop a plan to honor those promises.

Space is Limited. Guarantee your getaway today.


Why is the retreat fee, separate from and additional to the cruise fee?  

I wanted to assure that everyone could afford to go & be able to choose their own preference for their cabin.  

I did not want to choose for you…I wanted to give you the ultimate decision & power.  

Maybe you want to splurge?  Amazing!

Maybe you want to go, but not go all out?  Understood.

Maybe you really want to be budget conscious but not miss out on the opportunity to go & honor yourself?  Admirable!

Maybe you want to go and participate in the retreat?  I would love to have you!

Maybe you want to take it to the next level & connect with other women just like you?  I would so love this for you!

MAYBE you just want an excuse to go, but want to relax, and don’t care to participate in the retreat portion (And just want to “be left alone”?  Even, if this is the case, I am so excited that you are taking care of your yourself, & truly loving yourself…THAT IS ENOUGH FOR ME!

But Jan Marie, I can’t afford this…can I?

The reason I structured the retreat and payments in the way that I did is so anyone can afford to go.  The deposit is only $250/ person with the cruise line just to hold your reservation and your cabin.

When is the deposit due?  

As soon as you decide you want to attend (space is truly limited).  Because, I did not want to wait until next year to host this incredible event, & I wanted to choose the perfect itinerary & the perfect time of year, the SHIP is already almost at full capacity, & I was only allowed to hold a very limited amount of rooms.  It is first come, first serve. (Trust me, don’t regret it, if you are thinking about it trust your gut.)

When is the final payment due?

90 days before the cruise.  

Do you just need some time to unwind & explore the islands?  

That is absolutely perfect.  I am SO happy you decided to make some time for yourself.  You do not need to join us on the “Retreat Days” if you do not want to.

Need to focus on yourself and participate in the GLOW Retreat Sessions?

I am so happy you are ready to honor yourself, be seen and be heard.  You are in good hands!

Why did you create a VIP upgrade option?

You know me.  You know I LOVE to spoil &  overindulge. I wanted this to be a conscious choice you made.  I did not want it to “not be your thing” & rule out the retreat all together because of it.  I also wanted to be conscious that the cruise itself is a splurge, and wanted to give you the opportunity to start with the process of confirming the retreat without having to decide about how much (more) love you were going to devote to yourself. (Again, keeping cost down for you).

Why Celebrity Cruises?

I wanted to choose a Luxury ship that catered to everything I envisioned for this fantasy retreat.  I wanted to pull out the red carpet, have white glove service & all the “bells & whistles” including the world’s most exclusive spa AT SEA!!!.  Remember, my big lesson on not settling…? I don’t want you to settle & I certainly don’t.

Who else is going?

Anyone & everyone who needs to take a break, unwind, spoil themselves, relax, reflect, take a break from their busy lives, put themselves first for a change, take a vacation….

Why this itinerary?

I am in love with the Caribbean & I know you will be too.  These are some of my favorite islands (and I am picky). This is almost identical to a cruise I took about a decade ago & still reflect back on with incredible heart string pulling memories.  It gave me time “at sea” to focus on the retreat, & a lot of built in time to enjoy these beautiful islands, people, food, beaches, nature…and it takes us to FIVE caribbean islands. I wanted you to grow, explore & be exposed to new places & encourage you to travel in the future…just because.  (You know I LOVE “planting seeds.”)

Why a cruise?

I wanted something easy to get to (a port).  A place that once you arrived you could unpack & relax BUT I wanted us to travel & experience many new things.  If I had chosen one city (which I may very well do in the future), it would not have allowed for the movement I wanted you to experience for THIS trip.  Part of this retreat is GROWTH, & I wanted you to be exposed to new people, new places & new things to also grow. I didn’t want you to worry about budget, meals, entertainment, etc. in addition to what you have already paid- I wanted the retreat experience to be as inclusive as possible.  I wanted you to have flexibility & many options…a cruise allowed me to do ALL of these things.

What if the itinerary is too overwhelming for me?

No problem!  You A L W A Y S have a choice.  You do not have to disembark at every port, or be out all day.  You decide what is best for Y O U! This is part of what I want you to start practicing as well…the freedom, confidence & clarity to TRUST YOURSELF.

When is the retreat fee due?

The Retreat fee is due by September 1st.  I wanted to give you enough time to pay the cruise separately without having to worry about the retreat fee at the same time.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

I am so confident that you will have an amazing experience that I AM making the retreat portion 100% refundable. (Unfortunately, the cruise has their own individual policies.)

I can’t predict from now to October.  What if something comes up with my family or with me medically and I cannot go away?  

That is a completely understandable concern, one that I often have.  Celebrity offers travel insurance. I personally never travel without purchasing travel insurance.  If this is your concern, I highly recommend you adding this travel insurance to your reservation directly with Celebrity Cruises.

I don’t like leaving my children, partner, family, or friends behind?  Can I bring people with me?

Absolutely!  Ideally you want to make sure you disconnect, relax & make time for yourself.  BUT if you won’t consider traveling without them, (or your partner doesn’t feel comfortable with you going without them) they are WELCOME to join you. (Again, another reason why I structured things the way I did.)  They can come, vacay with you, & if you want they can rest, hang or veg while you attend the “retreat” portion of the cruise. Problem solved! 😉

Are there any extra fees?

The best person to answer this question is directly with Celebrity…who does a good job at offering you MANY options, but most are extra.  


Your cruise fare should include, cruise, port fees & taxes.  


They do offer packages (Some additional extras I can think of are excursions, travel insurance, photos, upgraded fine dining, alcoholic beverages, spa services, etc).  


They do calculate an average gratuity fee per person, per day that they will also advise you of.  You can incorporate them (add them to your fare) OR you can pay those your last day at sea (your choice) but those are mandatory, not included & additional.

Are there any additional discounts?

I am so glad you asked!  There are, but they depend on you individually.  I asked them to consider them, and they will, but you have to ADVOCATE for yourself and ASK…also part of the growth process.  Look at this, I have you learning before you even go! Some discounts that I know are available (at this moment-but as anything can change at any time) are…


Military & Law Enforcement (Thank you for your service!)

FL Resident (WooHoo!)

Senior Citizen (It’s ok, we are only as old as we feel & behave) 😉

Celebrity Captain’s Club- offers a 1 category Upgrade

What if I don’t have anyone to go with?

My suggestion (but ultimately you have to feel comfortable with your decision) is make your deposit, & secure YOUR cabin.  Then, see if someone wants to go with you, which is very possible. Once people find out what you are doing, & where you are going they might be asking you rather than you asking them. 😉

But Jan Marie, I won’t know anyone else & I won’t feel comfortable.

This is the perfect opportunity to connect with other women who are most likely experiencing similar things in life.

Last but not least…Jan Marie why in God’s good earth did you choose the name of this retreat to be GLOW?

So I kept thinking of a pregnancy glow (“She is glowing”), morning glow, after you go to the gym glow, sunkissed beach glow, after a facial glow, after you are intimate with someone glow (stop blushing – you know it is true), shiny, new, carefree, from within GLOW.  That is what I want for you! So yes…I named it the GLOW RETREAT & I LOVE IT!!! I am going to make Y O U Glow!

If there are ANY questions or concerns that are still not answered above, I would be more than happy to answer ANY questions or concerns you may have.  Feel free to email me at


I want you to feel comfortable, confident & secure in your decision to go on this adventure with me, because if you are not, you will not have a good experience & you will be disappointed.  If you are not ready…THAT IS 100% ok. Be true to yourself & maybe you will be ready to join us next year.




Jan Marie