#16 Celebrate Every Little Milestone

Running a business is not for the weak of heart. Celebrating every little business achievement is an opportunity to recognize yourself and your employees while also sharing your success with clients.


Free Guide: Progress Not Perfection

Don’t know where to start? Have absolutely no idea? Feel overwhelmed? Have no idea what you need? Are you frozen? I know you are….I’ve been there. 

So we’re going to do this together. I’ll get you started….you fill in the blanks.  I can’t do it for you because, believe it or not, WE are ALL different, our goals, our dreams, and our motivation are so individual, even if they seem identical. I’m not going to give you fluff…I’m going to be real and get you results.

So put on your big kid pants and let’s do this!

Progress not perfection:

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    S1E16: Celebrate Every Little Milestone