#4 Progress not perfection: A special edition for live launching  

This episode reveals the candid truth about perfectionism and overcoming the need to be perfect as a key component for your success in life. The difference between someone who is successful and someone who fails, is resilience.  I’m going to walk you through some of the key steps to kickstart progress and take charge in your momentum. 


Strategy isn’t about perfection, Strategy is about progress and skill.  If you try to be perfect, which is completely impossible and unsustainable, you’re never going to start. 

In life, in entrepreneurship, in relationships, you’re going to make mistakes.  Things are going to get ugly. You’re not going to look your best, you’re not going to be smooth in your emails, you’re not going to create the perfect online course the first time around, you’re not going to always catch the typo in the post you made.  You’re going to reread and rewrite things and you’re still going to make mistakes. It’s called being human!

So, as you’re reading this I can guarantee that there has to be at least 10 things in your life that you haven’t even attempted because you’re so scared you’ll fail.  You haven’t started because you want to do it the RIGHT WAY…the PERFECT WAY.  If you continue on this path, it’s never going to get done. 

I want you to repeat after me “PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION.”

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    S1E4: Progress Not Perfection