All About Insurance Paneling for Private Practice

I created this free resource, because there are so many clinicians that want to go into private practice and have questions about insurance paneling.

I’m going to give you all the details, facts, pros and cons. I’m going to be honest and transparent so you can make an educated decision about which path is best for you.

The truth is, when I first started my practice and I wanted to be my own boss, I was desperate to do what I thought was best “to take the leap.” I was desperate to leave the layers of administration, red tape, and agency mills I worked for.

After many years and first hand experience I learned the truth: paneling wasn’t the best option at all. I learned the pros and cons (painstakingly – on my own), including insurance verification, reimbursement, time delays, unnecessary heartache, unpaid services and what amounted to hours upon precious hours that I could’ve been making money, serving my clients, and most importantly could have spent with my family.

I’m going to answer all the questions you’re asking, but I’m also going to explain why my favorite way to serve my patients and to serve the clinicians that I coach in opening their practices is to stay “out of network” and why they are so grateful they did.


Free Download! All About Insurance Paneling for Private Practice

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