Positioning Yourself as “The Expert”

In order to authentically and organically connect with your ICA, you not only have to position yourself as the expert, you also have to OFFER VALUE!  This is a huge oversight for most small businesses.

Many people are fearful of giving away their knowledge & having nothing else to share or sell, but this is so untrue.  

I can speak from experience.  I have personally taken a multitude of courses, and spent thousands of additional dollars working with one-on-one coaches and marketing specialists.  Even with step-by-step guides, people still need and value what YOU have to offer.  So, we’re going to show them what your gifts are and how YOU can HELP them.

Think of it as a sample at an ice cream shop, test driving a car at a dealership or getting a sneak peak of a few pages from a book online.  They aren’t giving away all they have to offer, but they give you a TASTE of what they do.  (AHA moment right?!)

Yes, you will inevitably repel those that aren’t a good fit for you, but that, I promise is a gift. What you will do, is ATTRACT your exact ICA, including some additional individuals that you didn’t consider as potential customers who LOVE what YOU HAVE TO OFFER!

Now it’s time to get to work.  Click on the link below so you can get started on creating a FREE offer your Ideal Customer can’t refuse!

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Positioning Yourself as the “Expert”

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