Identifying your Niche

Once you’re crystal clear on your one Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) you’re ready to identify your niche. A niche is “a distinct segment of a market” a demand for a very specialized product or commodity”

In order to gain respect in a field, you need to be seen as “an expert” and if you’re wanting to “help everyone with anything general” then you’ll just be another person in a sea of others competing (unsuccessfully) to gain customers.

“If you’re talking to everybody you’re talking to nobody” meaning if you focus on helping EVERYONE and don’t want to narrow your focus you won’t get as many customers as if you’re connecting with and solving a specific pain point for a specific type of person.

Ex. The medical field is a perfect example.  Let’s say your family member has a medical issue would you go to a Family Doctor? Absolutely not!  You’d go to a specialist.  

To prove my point I’ll give you some real life examples right here.

  • Cancer – > Oncologist
  • Heart Attack – > Cardiologist
  • Broken Foot -> Podiatrist
  • Crooked Teeth -> Orthodontist
  • Alzheimer’s/Seizures – > Neurologist
  • Chemical Imbalance – > Psychiatrist
  • Pregnancy – > OBGYN
  • Diabetes – > Endocrinologist
  • Postpartum depression – >Therapist 

I think you get the point now.

If you’d have any of the above, would you go to a general practitioner? I hope not!

I’ve created some niche specific ideas to get you started.  Click here to access that resource now & get started on finding your “niche.”

Here’s to your success!

XoXo Jan

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Identifying Your Niche

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