How to Use Essential Oils


Inhaling essential oil has the power to elevate your mood and enhance your emotional state. My whole family enjoy using these oils Aromatically on a daily basis. Our home always has an uplifting Aroma.

The diffuser is particularly good at protecting my kids against environmental threats and can create a calm environment. One of my favourite things about these amazing gifts of the earth is that they purify the air and helps to ease breathing.


One drop of essential oil can service every cell of your body and provide immediate comfort. When applied to the bottom of your feet it nourishes the blood stream within 30 seconds. Apply a few drops to your feet, head, the back of your ears or neck, on your chest or any other troubled areas, and massage gently. Using the oils this way has amazing benefits and is wonderful when combined with a soothing massage.

If you have sensitive skin or when I use on my kids I always dilute with fractionated coconut oil.


Add a few drops to your water, under your tongue, or put some in a capsule to nourish your whole body – Always use as directed on the label as some cannot be used internally.

Please ensure you are using Pure Essential Oils that are safe for internal use if considering this method.

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