Class Ideas from A to Z: Easy Cleaning with Essential Oils

Class Ideas from A to Z: Easy Cleaning with Essential Oils

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With New Year New You happening through the month of February, any class can qualify as an event as long as you register it at least two days beforehand. Here is a class idea you can use to mix up your introductory essential oils class as well as show attendees how they can use oils on a regular basis.

This will be a hands-on DIY class where you make at least one item for people to take with them. At the beginning of class, do a quick overview of which essential oils are good for cleaning, such as Lemon, doTERRA On Guard®, Grapefruit, Purify, and Thyme. Then move on to creating a cleaner or two of your choice. To help, we’ve put together a list of cleaning recipes you can find in the Product blog:

  1. All Purpose Spray
  2. Powder Cleanser
  3. Glass Cleaner
  4. Makeup Brush Cleanser

If you plan to make more than one DIY cleaner and have a large group, show attendees how to create the cleaner once and then let them split into groups to make each one at a different station with written instructions left on the table. Go around the room to answer questions. Or, for smaller groups, make each DIY along with them, answering questions as you go.

Note: You can charge a fee for a DIY class. Base the cost on the extra items you will be buying aside from the essential oils. While it can be helpful to ask people to pay beforehand, be aware that this can also make more work for you. It is usually effective to ask them to pay at the class. However, when someone RSVPs, be sure to ask them what they would like to make so that you know what materials you need to have.

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