Breaking The Stereotype of Essential Oils for Men

Breaking The Stereotype of Essential Oils for Men

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It’s Not Just for Women?

There seems to be a common stereotype out there that essential oils are only for women. True, the majority of doTERRA members are women, but did you know that men have used essential oils all throughout history? In the height of Egypt’s power, male priests were the only authorities allowed to use aromatic oils. So why has the tide changed? What makes the men in today’s world different from their male ancestors? Understanding stereotypes that surround essential oils can help answer these questions, and even change some perspectives.

“I tried it once and they didn’t work.”

Essential oils are a lifestyle, not a use-once-cure-all product. Just like exercise isn’t going to magically shape your body after one workout, one use of essential oils isn’t going to magically improve your health. Although we still receive benefits with one workout or one use of essential oils, the change may not be noticeable. As for improving overall health, there is a level of commitment that involves long-term usage.

“They are only good for their smells.”

The smell of essential oils are what attract many people, but the benefits of essential oils go far deeper than just the aroma. doTERRA essential oils are pure and work with your body in natural ways to help promote overall health. Not only do they smell good, they are good for you. Test them and see for yourself!

“doTERRA isn’t really a business; it’s just something my wife does while I am at work.”

Many people are casual about their doTERRA business; it isn’t until real money is coming back that the men start gaining interest. John Busch IV, a Wellness Advocate, began like many other men in this business: full of doubts. It wasn’t until he fully committed himself that he saw results. He said, “I find myself saying at least three times a week or more how thankful I am that I was wrong. Wrong about how the oils could help my daughter, wrong about my wife succeeding with doTERRA as a business, and wrong that the oils could do anything for me as a man. If it was good enough for the kings and rulers of old, why would it not have great significance for you now?”

“Going into business with your significant other is too hard.”

This is a stereotype across the board, not just in the essential oil business. When it comes down to it, your attitude is what makes it hard or easy. Thank goodness we have an oil for that! Chandler Fausett, a Wellness Advocate, said, “My wife and I have been able to start this business together and we work extremely close. We discuss the goals we both want to achieve, select individual responsibilities, and evaluate weekly with each other on our progress. This is an incredible business to work with your spouse on.”

“Essential oils are just a fad that will soon end.”

The use of essential oils have been around since before humans began keeping records. The recent popularity of essential oils stems from many things—greater availability of different types of oils, stronger research into the effectiveness of the oils, and more opportunities to share personal experiences with the oils. Essential oils are on a train that is just gaining speed.

These are just a few of the many stereotypes men have about the essential oil industry. So what makes the men in today’s world different from their male ancestors? Possibly it’s the lack of knowledge or the conformity to what a man’s role is in our current society. Regardless, these stereotypes along with all the others, can be overcome by doing one simple thing: try them. Give them a chance to prove you wrong. Educate yourself instead of being educated by those around you. This will give you your own perspective about the oils, and possibly change your mind. At the end of the day, anyone can benefit from incorporating essential oils into their daily routine.

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