Life Coaching: A New Chapter

Everyone will wonder or ask why the mental health therapist is taking on a new project.  Is my business not doing well? Do I not have enough clients? What happened? The fact of the matter is that I love what I do.  I love to help people. My private practice is thriving, in fact, it more than quadrupled this last year. Those who know me, know that I do not settle, and I am not content for long doing one thing.  So how did I get here…life coaching events? I saw a huge need, a pattern… people are not taking care of themselves, loving themselves, honoring themselves, feeling valued. This same theme comes up with every patient somehow, in some way.  I started finding that people needed more support and they needed a community of support. Many of them did not even have good friends. There were no groups for my patients so…I created a group. The group was life altering for the members, and it reminded me that there is so much more to offer than the traditional office setting and one-on-one services.

I have been wanting to start hosting events for a while, and once group was so successful, it inspired me to also extend outside of my practice, and help others that were not my patients, all around the world, and not just in a therapeutic setting.

It is restrictive in concept…don’t be personal, don’t have pictures, don’t share your story, don’t be on social media, DON’T have FACEBOOK! In essence ….don’t be human (I exaggerate).  I feel like I have been hiding under a rock all of these years. I feel that on many levels, the restrictions do not allow for the freedom to be myself when helping others, to be able to say, “I CAN relate, because that happened to me too.”

So, I introduce to you  Jan Marie Inc.  (Jan-my nickname used by family & friends & Marie is my middle name). I figured if I am breaking away from formality with this business, let’s go all the way and make it more personal.  A company that was created out of love and freedom, with transparency, and intent to help individuals love themselves, feel worthy, and make themselves a priority in their own lives.

Get ready to love yourself, like you have never been loved before!

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